Jack Lucas



If you've come to this page because you are interested in working with me to pursue a BA, MA, or PhD thesis under my supervision...thank you for your interest! I am happy to supervise student research on the subjects of urban politics, urban public policy, and Canadian political development. Undergraduate and graduate students under my supervision will participate in one (or in some cases both) of two research groups: the "Urban Politics and Policy Group" or the "Canadian Political Development Group". The purpose of these research groups is to develop and write high-quality research papers on topics of interest to group members while also providing practical teaching and training opportunities to undergraduate and graduate students.

While I am willing to discuss a wide range of potential topics for undergraduate or graduate supervision, I am especially interested in supervising research related to the themes of my own current research. In the material below, I've provided a list of the research topics that I feel I am especially well suited to supervise. I believe each of these topics is well worth exploring and would produce important and potentially publishable research in Canadian political science. I would be happy to discuss any of these topics with interested students in more detail and to help you identify and refine a thesis topic that is of interest to you.

1. The History of Urban Democracy in Canada 2. Municipal Elections 3. Cities in Canadian Political Development 4. Cities and Canadian Multilevel Governance / Intergovernmental Relations


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