Jack Lucas



I am currently involved in two main research projects, both of which are related in some way to the study of urban democracy and urban political institutions in Canada. My primary research project is focused on the long-term evolution of urban democratic institutions in the Canadian cities of Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, and Winnipeg. The project examines the coalitions involved in episodes of major democratic reform in each city -- such as changes to the voting franchise, electoral systems, electoral districts, and political parties -- and seeks to draw from these episodes a new interpretation of the long-term development of urban political authority in Canada. This project is supported by a SSHRC Insight Development Grant.

I am also very pleased to be a member of the Canadian Municipal Election Study, led by Michael McGregor at Ryerson University. This project is a comparative study of municipal elections and political behaviour in eight large Canadian cities in 2017 and 2018. In addition to research papers in progress on school board elections, incumbency, and economic voting in Canadian municipalities, I am co-editing a book on Canadian city elections with Michael McGregor as part of this project. This research is supported by a SSHRC Insight Grant.

In addition to the projects above, I am also involved in the early stages of two other research projects. To understand patterns of urban representation and urban policy attention in Canada, I am working with Zack Taylor (Western University) on a project to code urban and rural ridings at the federal level in Canada from 1867 to the present. I am also working with Alison Smith (University of Toronto) to understand how municipal politicians and senior staff understand multilevel governance across policy domains in Canada.


Please see my CV for a list of past publications. For datasets and replication files, please visit my dataverse. I will soon post my working papers on my author page at SSRN.