Fields of Authority: Special Purpose Governance in Ontario, 1815-2015

Datasets, Tables, and Figures

Table Name and Data
Table 2.1 Arguments for Special Purpose Bodies in Berlin, 1895-1908 [Codebook] [Data] [Table]
Table 2.2 Service on Council and ABCs, with Board of Trade Service [Table]
Table 4.1 Summary of Recommendations to Fyfe Commission on ABCs [Table]
Table 5.1 Event Catalogue: Public School Boards in Ontario [Table]
Table 5.2 Newspaper Sources for Ryerson County Conventions [Table]
Table 6.1 Event Catalogue: Local Boards of Health in Ontario [Table]
Table 6.2 Structure of Boards of Health, 1832 [Table]
Table 6.3 1878 Physician Survey Responses [Table]
Table 7.1 Event Catalogue: Hydro Commissions and their Forebears in Ontario [Table]
Table 7.2 Water Commission Structures in Ontario [Table]
Table 7.3 Hydro Recommendations in Government Reports [Table]
Figure Name and Data
Fig. 2.1 Percentage of Berlin Council with Board of Trade Service, 1884-1930 [Data and figure]
Fig. 3.1 Service on Kitchener City Council, 1912-2014: A Network Overview [Gephi file] [Figure]
Fig. 3.2 Service on Council, School Boards, and Utility Commissions, 1912-2014 [Gephi file] [Figure]
Fig. 4.1 Kitchener Annexations, 1900-1970 [Figure]
Fig. 5.1 Public School Boards in Ontario: Overview of Change Events [Figure]
Fig. 5.2 Township School Board Adoption, 1937-1957 [Data and figure]
Fig. 5.3 School Enrollment in Ontario, 1930-1960 [Data and figure]
Fig. 5.4 Provincial & Local Sources of School Board Revenue in Ontario, 1900-2011 (2002) [Data and figure]
Fig. 5.5 Provincial and Local Education Revenue, Proportions, 1914-2011 [Data and figure]
Fig. 6.1 Local Boards of Health in Ontario: Overview of Change Events [Figure]
Fig. 6.2 Timing, Attention, and Institutional Change in Public Health, 1826-1900 [Data and figure]
Fig. 7.1 Hydro Commissions in Ontario: Overview of Change Events [Figure]

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