Thanks for visiting this site. I am an Associate Professor in the Department of Political Science at the University of Calgary. My research and teaching are in the area of Canadian politics, with a particular focus on municipal politics and democracy, ideology and political representation, and Canadian political development.

I am currently involved in several projects on these themes. I am principal investigator for the Canadian Municipal Barometer, an annual survey of mayors and councillors in Canada, and co-PI, with Peter Loewen, of the Canadian chapter of POLPOP, a comparative survey of political elites. I am co-PI, with Zack Taylor, of Cities in Canadian Political Development, a study of the urban-rural divide and urban representation in Canadian politics from 1867-present, along with a related effort to consolidate Canadian Gallup surveys from 1945-2000. I am also pleased to be a member of the research teams for the Canadian Municipal Election Study and the Multilevel Democracy Project, both of which are focused on municipal elections and voting in Canada.


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Active Research Grants

  • SSHRC Insight Grant. “The Multilevel Democracy Project”. $220,000. Principal investigator: Cameron Anderson. Co-applicants: Jack Lucas, R. Michael McGregor. Collaborator: Laura Stephenson.
  • SSHRC Partnership Engage Grant. “Informing the Electorate: Public Opinion and Local Media for the Calgary Municipal Election”. $18,200, plus $5,000 from other sources. Principal investigator: Jack Lucas. Co-applicants: Robson Fletcher, R. Michael McGregor. Partners: University of Calgary, Ryerson University, CBC News Calgary.
  • SSHRC COVID-19 Partnership Engage Grant. “Building Digital Representa- tive Democracy in a Pandemic Era”. $23,200, plus $21,000 from other sources. Principal investigator: Jack Lucas. Co-applicant: Michael Morden. Collaborator: Peter Loewen. Partners: University of Calgary, Samara Canada.
  • Canadian Opinion Research Archive Grant. Canadian Gallup Project. $5,000.
  • Google Cloud Academic Research Grant. “Canadian Municipal Election Study: Calgary 2021.” $10,206. Principal investigator: Aengus Bridgman. Co-applicants: Jack Lucas, R. Michael McGregor.
  • SSHRC Partnership Development Grant. “The Canadian Municipal Barometer.” 2019-2022. $103,000 plus $87,000 from other sources. Principal investigator: Jack Lucas. Co-applicants: Sandra Breux, Kelly Blidook, Gabriel Eidelman, Royce Koop. Collaborators: Katherine Einstein, Thomas Ivacko, Andrew Sancton, Peter Loewen, Enid Slack, Jennifer Arntfield, Michael Morden. Partners: University of Calgary, University of Manitoba, University of Toronto, INRS Montreal, Memorial University, Federation of Canadian Municipalities, Samara Canada.
  • SSHRC Insight Grant. “Cities in Canadian Political Development.” 2019-2024. $95,727. Jack Lucas (PI), Zack Taylor (co-PI), David Armstrong (Collaborator).
  • SSHRC Insight Grant. “Canadian Municipal Election Study.” 2017-2021. $281,536. Principal Investigator: Michael McGregor. Co-applicants: Cameron Anderson, Eric Belanger, Sandra Breux, Jack Lucas, Scott Matthews, Aaron Moore, Laura Stephenson, Erin Tolley.


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